Modular Test Cells


If you are thinking about adding testing capability to meet future emissions, fuel consumption, noise, performance or alternative fuel requirements, call SGS CyberMetrix (812-378-5903). SGS CyberMetrix can deliver prepackaged, turn-key test systems with world-class components on-time and in-cost.  We can also help you develop detailed specifications from your functional requirements.
  • SGS CyberMetrix partners with the best in the business to achieve successful outcomes.  Working with innovative partners, like Force Construction, can lead to reusable modular designs to meet your global needs.
  • Containerized and modular test systems can usually be depreciated on the same schedule as machinery versus brick and mortar test facilities (6-8 years versus 24-26 years).
  • Modular solutions bring our customer consistency.  Customers can expect high-quality data anywhere in the world where our solutions are deployed and calibration and maintenance procedures are followed.
  • In addition to capability and consistency, the customers can expect to view the test cell under operating conditions and well as installations and data and even notifications can go to engineers, technicians or managers real-time.

Ask SGS CyberMetrix' design team to perform a Phase Zero study on your specific needs so you can develop an RFQ package so SGS CyberMetrix and anyone else can bid and build your modular cell.

From Concept to Reality

Test Cell Concepts and Designs

Test Cells Delivered to Your Door

This cell was delivered with:
  • Data acquisition and control system for performance testing
  • I/O and engine interface modules
  • Will handle engines to 17L. diesel or gaseous fuels
  • Conditioned work environment
  • Wire trays for heated sample lines
  • Safety systems
  • Fuel Conditioning and measurement
  • Combustion air supply and flow measurement
  • Aftercooling controls
  • Smoke and particulate sampling
  • Cameras for remote monitoring
  • Fire suppression system
  • Environmental monitoring system