Program / Project Management


Program / Project Management

SGS CyberMetrix' program management services define the testing technology and facility requirements, assemble the right team, manage the process, and verify the outcome.

Define the requirements

  • Document objectives & success factors; start with the end in mind
  • Identify and involve all stakeholders & team members
  • Define capabilities, test articles, test types, and data requirements
  • Record constraints: space, schedule, budget and others


Define and control the scope

  • Develop a realistic project scope; not a wish list
  • Evaluate options against objectives
  • Identify short/long term objectives & phasing
  • Review existing systems & practices compared with objectives
  • Document preferences for systems, equipment or solutions
  • Benchmark industry best practices
  • Define what “done” is; final acceptance plan & acceptance criteria


Define and control the schedule

  • Develop a realistic project schedule
  • Build in time for funding and other decision making
  • Set milestones for the customer as well as for the supply chain
  • Plan for phasing to minimize operational downtime
  • Identify a phased hand over plan including training & long term support

Define and control the Budget

  • Developing a realistic budget and spend profile plan
  • Include all stakeholders; early involvement from the supply chain
  • Agree on a budget early for project planning & approval

Select the delivery model

  • Evaluate alternative methods to delivering the project
  • Balance the factors of schedule, cost and risk ownership
  • Create a responsibility split so that all parties are held accountable