Cyrius Fuel Subsystem

The SGS CyberMetrix Cyrius Fuel Subsystem (CFS) offers a
comprehensive and cost-effec
tfuel flow measurementive solution for fuel temperature
conditioning and wide range mass flow measurement. 

  • Measurement Device High Accuracy Load Cell
  • Measurement Frequency 7 Hz
  • Measurement Type Gravimetric and Coriolis
  • Repeatability 0.01 FSO
  • Fuel Consumption Range 0 -200 LB/HR
  • Temperature Control ± 0.3 ºC (± 0.5 ºF)
  • Heater Size 1.5 kW
  • Fuel Pressure Supply Line < 3 psi
  • Fuel Pressure Return Line < 1 psi

Its list of features is impressive:

Standalone Operation – The FMS runs on its own as an autonomous measurement device, either wall-mounted or on its rolling cart, with its own touch screen operator interface.

CyFlex Operation – The system can also function as an integral “smart instrument” to any CyFlex test system, and in particular in a CyFlex GP Test script. CyFlex can manage every aspect of its operation, including fuel reading durations, fuel temperatures, and fuel supply and return.

Scalability – The design of the FMS can accommodate the fuel supply needs of larger or smaller engines by changing component sizes: fuel heater, heat exchanger, fuel pump, etc. Systems can be sized from the start or resized later as needed.

Mass Flow Calculation – Fuel flow measurements are direct mass flow rates, not volumetric flow. You can select any of the appropriate units to display: lb/hr, lb/min, kg/sec, etc. 

Accurate Readings – The accuracy of the FMS is limited only by the internal load cell and associated I/O with which it measures fuel weight. The unit is inherently more accurate than flow meters over a fuel reading.

Integral Fuel Conditioning – The FMS conditions fuel to the desired temperature within ± 0.3 ºC. There is no need for external heating or cooling components.

Now match this functionality with safety features built into the design:

Temperature Control – The built in temperature fuel measurement
control in the FMS heater protects the unit
from overheating the fuel in all operating modes.

Overflow Control – The FMS internal bucket
has an overflow sensor that eliminates fuel spilling into
the cabinet, or beyond.

Emergency Safety Stop – The unit can connect
directly to the emergency stop circuitry or safety
system at the test cell. If the e-stop is pushed, then
the FMS will immediately shut off power to its
fuel heater and pump to eliminate a fire hazard.

The Fuel Measurement System has optional
features you should consider to add value in the test
  • Interactive Display – The touchscreens graphical user interface can be customized with a mix of formats for text, gauges, stripchart, indicator lights, etc.
  • Continuous Measurement - Adding a mass flow meter to the standard FMS bucket system provides a continuous mass flow rate measurement.
  • Mobile Stand – An alternative to wall mounting, a rolling support stand for the FMS allows the unit to be positioned where needed then stored elsewhere. Please contact SGS CyberMetrix for more details and quotes on these products.