At the heart of SGS CyberMetrix test systems is CyFlex software, a state-of-the-art, real-time, data acquisition and control system environment currently in use at major engineering facilities in the U.S. and around the world. CyFlex has a friendly, graphical user interface that can be configured by the operator to suit his needs.

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Because of the power and flexibility of CyFlex, it can be applied in testing and measurement applications that range from small, simple tests managing just a few parameters, to very large, complex tests involving hundreds of real-time measurements and control of any number of parameters and subsystems.

Modular Design
CyFlex is organized into "feature rich" generic function modules. Each module can be "configured" to support the needs of the test application through parameters.

CyFlex Modularity

Highest ROI
In spite of the power and versatility of CyFlex, it offers the best bang-for-the-buck, compared to the competition.
  • FLEXIBITY: Users can reconfigure CyFlex to perform many types of tests without the expense of purchasing new software, I/O, or programming services.

    Samples of Test Applications

  • MANAGEMENT TOOLS: CyFlex test facility management tools improve test cell utilization, resulting in shortened investment payback and reduced product development times.

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I/O Support

SGS CyberMetrix offers a unique, distributed I/O system called Cyrius I/O as well as support to other widely used IO.  Device drivers can be written for IO not already supported.

Cyrius I/O

SGS CyberMetrix also supports distributed I/O modules from Gantner e.bloxx and q.bloxx, Beckhoff EtherCAT and Opto 22 Snap among others.

3rd Party Software Integration
SGS CyberMetrix incorporates some 3rd party open source software in its offerings. A listing of this software and links for updates are include here.

3rd Party Software