Cyrius IO Overview

  • Measure engine and related physical parameters using external sensors (excepting built-in pressure transducers)
  • Control environmental boundary conditions for an engine test using external actuators
  • Permit easy physical installation and removal of modular sets of channels at approx. 8, 16, or 32 channel groups
  • Permit easy functional integration of modular sets of these same channels
  • Support centralized (vs. a more traditional in-situ) calibration


  • All the benefits of having measurement and control capability + plus
  • Ease of configuring & deploying a system (relative to the IO setup)
  • Flexibility for end users to redeploy IO – i.e. reduction in capital spend by avoiding outfitting every cell with the superset of IO needed for every test by using a just in time approach
  • Less down time for calibration, maintenance and repair
  • Improved calibration processes or efficiency through use of central facility
  • Reduced specialized training requirements to setup, deploy, and maintain systems