Cold Cell Testing Services - Convenient Testing Climates, All Year Round

SGS CyberMetrix provides wide range ambient testing services for large or high power test articles using its state-of-the-art high capacity cold/hot test facility in Columbus, Indiana. This fact sheet represents a summary of the facility as equipped for use by a large engine manufacturer. The facility has many more features and capabilities, please contact us regarding your specific test needs.

Key Features:

Very large test spaces:

  • Two 40’ x 60’ x 20’ test chambers.
  • Temperature ranges from -40 F to 150 F
  • Capable of continuous running at rated conditions on 2000 BHP engines at -20F in each space
  • When combined, capable of running rated conditions on 4000 BHP engines at -20F

Capable systems:
  • Engine support infrastructure:
    • Cooling systems
    • Fuel supply
    • Combustion air supply
    • ECU communications
    • Engine test infrastructure:
      • Gaseous emissions measurement
      • Load control
      • High channel count data acquisition and controls
      • Non-engine testing infrastructure:
        • Electrical loading
        • Test automation: climate center bay2 exhaust
          • Cold soak management
          • Thermal profile testing
          • Cycle management
          • Statistical sampling
          • Limit checking
          • Capable support organization:
            • Instrumentation professionals
            • Experienced mechanics
            • Test and measurement experts
            • Quality processes
            • Responsive and flexible environment


            • Time compression:
              • Faster time to market when the need for cold is in the critical path.
              • Faster response for parts and service than working in remote test locations.
              • Better remote access via network, video, etc.
              • Cost avoidance:
                • Convenient central location – reduced & travel times
                • Eliminates "waiting for the weather to cooperate"
                • Quality:
                  • Quantifiable and repeatable test conditions
                  • Data quality measurements built-in
                  • ISO 9001:2008 weather – where else can you get quality controlled weather?
                  • Affordable:
                    • Convenient high quality on-demand weather means fewer days testing, fewer repeat runs, less marshaling of people, equipment, food, tents, gloves, windshield scrapers, etc.
                    • No pain and suffering:
                      • Indoor conditions for setup: less frostbite, fewer polar bears and almost no yeti
                      • Convenient location and travel: ~1hour to Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Louisville
                      • Comfort features nearby: golf, tennis, fishing, etc.


  • Cold start: engine, vehicle, equipment
  • Cold performance work
  • Thermal performance profiling
  • Cold mechanical development
  • Thermal modeling verification and refinement
  • Controls & diagnostics verification
  • Current product troubleshooting
  • Cold procedure development and verification
  • Thermal protection and enhancement testing
Specifications: Per Test Bay

R&D Solutions
Available depth
15.2 meter
Available width
6 meter
Available height
4.87 meter
Maximum temperature
43 C
Minimum temperature
-30 C (pending verification, -40 C is likely)
Heat rejection in space
Varies with combustion air use, up to 600 kW
Heat rejection via external radiator via coolant loop
730 kW
On-site fork lifting capacity
55,000 lbs.
In bay overhead crane capacity
5 ton
Control area
Dedicated per bay
Electrical load control
4 MW Load Bank Bay 1, 3 MW Load Bank Bay 2
Gaseous emissions
Hydrocarbon, NOx, FTIR
Fuel day tank in bay
125 US Gallons
House fuel supplies
Specialty fuels
Per request
Combustion air capacity per cell
6000 CFM @ -20F
Pressure measurement
96 Channels
Temperature measurement
96 Channels
Frequency measurement
16 Channels
Miscellaneous analog measurement
16 Channels
Gaseous Emissions Measurement
NOx, HC, CO, CO2, O2
DC Power Supply
Three 70A 24VDC supplies
Indicating equipment
Indicom, 4 channels

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Testing Services

Business Model:

  • Flexible reserved slots
  • Simple parameterized budgeting based on: occupancy + utilities + technical services + consumables
  • On-site test article installation preparation services
  • Engineering support for many product and process issues

Available Support:

  • Mechanical engineering: test article installation/rigging, load control, support systems
  • Instrumentation and controls: special instrumentation needs
  • Test engineering: test program development & planning, test results analysis and reporting
  • Test Technicians: executing test programs, parts changes, troubleshooting
  • Product engineering: performance analysis and improvement
  • Facility support: systems maintenance, shipping/receiving logistics
  • Program support: scheduling, resource allocation & management, prioritization
  • On-site storage: indoor and outdoor