Market Input Request for Next Round of CyberMetrix Expansions
October 09, 2015

CyberMetrix is planning its next round of expansions and enhancement of capabilities at current and future test facilities.  We would like your input so we invest appropriately to meet market needs.  ​We specialize in large engine and equipment testing, cold/hot testing under load and high-end or complex engine & component testing with data acquisition and data management. 

We are requesting market input for North America, United Kingdom, India and China concerning new requirements, shortages of services, problem areas concerning testing and other test capacity needs.  Please consider providing input on the following:

1. Are there certain types of engine, vehicle or equipment testing services that are not readily available to you in the next 1 to 3 years.  If so, are you considering CapEx projects to build additional test cells at one of your facilities? Please send us your needs, thoughts and timing.

2. Would you consider committing to a test cell occupancy option where CyberMetrix would build a test cell to support your requirements and that you would occupy for an agreed upon period of time? Benefits:

  1. avoid the construction and disruption to your own facility
  2. avoid CapEx investment
  3. potential to have access to new capacity more quickly

We would appreciate your feedback.  Please send your input to one of the following:

         or for direct input to our president, contact:

Pete Palladino,, 812-375-5877

-- from planning to results
-- from building cells to providing testing services