Bill Martin, Emissions Testing Expert, Joins CyberMetrix
November 23, 2015

Bill's focus will be: Emissions testing, measurements, and calculations.  EPA emissions regulations for HD engines.  Project leader on “Test Request Suite” of software.

Areas of Expertise

  • 32 years of experience designing, improving and operating transient emissions cells
  • EPA heavy duty diesel (HDD) transient test procedures, including the Selective Enforcement Audit (SEA) and EPA’s amendment processes
  • Emissions calculations
  • Application of thermal science to measurement and test systems
  • Measurement of
  • rotating speed with magnetic pickups;
  • torque and force with strain gage load cells;
  • temperature with thermocouples, resistance temperature devices;
  • pressure with strain gage transducers and mechanical gages;
  • total flow of water, engine coolant, diesel fuel, air, and dilute exhaust with turbine, pitot-static, positive displacement, Flotron, subsonic and sonic orifices, nozzles and ventures, thermal mass flow, and variable area meters;
  • humidity with dew point hygrometer and wet bulb dry bulb;
  • NOx with chemiluminescence;
  • THC and CH4 with heated flame ionization detector;
  • CO & CO2 with nondispersive infrared;
  • particulate mass with full flow CVS tunnels using double dilution gravimetric sampling;
  • smoke with inline opacity;
  • multiple gas species with Fourier transform infrared; and
  • particle number with AVL 489.
  • Application of controls, including:
  • speed and torque with DC motoring dynamometer;
  • engine torque with digital PID loops on both mechanical and electronic engines;
  • temperature with heat exchangers using steam, chilled water, process water and mixing valves with digital PID loops;
  • pressure control with mechanical regulators;
  • flow rate with process valves, variable speed blowers, thermal mass flow controllers, and differential pressure regulators; and
  • humidity with water spray chambers.