Who We Are

Since 1992, SGS CyberMetrix has empowered engineers and scientists to simulate, model, design and test state-of-the-art engines and power systems. New advancements in modular hardware and flexible software enable deployment and support of our technology worldwide.

Our range of test equipment offerings covers small component test rigs to large scale engine development centers. The SGS CyberMetrix laboratory provides testing services for engines, engine components and emissions systems.

SGS CyberMetrix facility engineering provides design and construction management for testing facilities.
Cutting edge solutions and services:
  1. Software and controls – promotes innovation, safe unattended testing for lowest costclimate center bay2 exhaust
  2. Panel design and builds – as a value added reseller of IO equipment and a very strong engineering company, we design and build optimum panels at the best cost
  3. Test Cell layout and design- with qualified engine experts, operators in house, and facilities engineering provides SGS the best understanding and results
  4. PE Certified Mechanical Engineering - with decades of design experience in testing facilities & support systems, test cells, modular test cells, SGS is able to construct accurate requirements documents for budgeting and quoting
  5. Test cells for Natural Gas engine testing-  latest technology in high pressure gas testing
  6. Test Cells for Diesel and specialty fuels testing – readily adaptable along with ability to run various fuel contamination tests. 
  7. Cold Chambers ~1000 cubic feet – great for cold starts & short runs ( -40F or colder) – set up for engines, and complete generator sets natural gas and diesel.
  8. Very large Climate test cells for large vehicles and large engines capable of -35 cold soak & unique feature of providing enough cold combustion air for continuous running up to 4000hp under load. 
  9. Altitude Chamber – simulation over 20,000 feet above sea level -large enough for small engines and generator sets. 
  10. Thermal Chambers-  Great for components testing hot and cold
  11. Programmable Constant load for cold cranking & start analysis to replicate OEM created parasitic loads at various temperatures down to -40F or greater.
  12. Complete after treatment system testing – hot, cold, elevation, vibration, contaminate studies, competitive comparisons
  13. Gas blending fixtures – experienced in gaseous fuel blending. 
  14. Turbocharger – hydraulic fatigue testing- temperature and hydraulic loading
  15. Products and rig and bench designs – air flow benches, hydraulic rigs, fuel measurement systems, as well as “one offs” to meet customer needs.
  16. Professional services: Master Planning, Feasibility Study, Requirements documentation, Facility design, Project Management, Commissioning and Training